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  • QT3-35 Hydraulic Block Molding Machine

QT3-35 Hydraulic Block Molding Machine

Model: QT3-35  
Power: 16 KW
Overall dimensions: 4000 * 3500 * 2300mm
Oil pump: Q=40ML/r p=10mpa
Application: high density and high strength,new type block machine


With the development of the mining machinery, more and more block machines have been created by this industry. Nowadays, the hydraulic block machine has become the new block machine used in the brick making field.


The whole process uses a PLC aptitude control and dialogue system of human-machine interface, easy to analyze the chance signal, fault diagnosis and parameters setting, ensure the best operation effect of the machine. The appliance of the advanced vibration technology causes the larger work table, it makes that the productivity is increased greatly. 

The whipping fork works rapidly during the feed box moves to up of mold box, finally the equalization of material feed and the consistency of the product's intensity are insured. he combine vibration of the work table and mold increases the vibrating velocity and causes the concrete liquefy and exhaust quickly, final the product reaches the high density and high strength.

>>Technical Data

Molding lumpsBlock:10 Piece Hollow Brick:3 Piece Standard Brick:20 Piece Porous brick:10 Piece
Molding cycle20-30/S
Designed productive capacityBlock:8000-12000 Piece /Squad
Hollow Brick:4500-6000Pieces/Squad
Standard Brick:25000-28000Piece/Squad
Vibration frequency4500Time/Minute-5100Time/Minute
Exciting force-22KN
Vibrator PowerY132S1-2 N=6KW
Pallet dimensions680*530*20mm
Oil pumpQ=40ML/r p=10mpa
Hydraulic system pressure rate6.3mpa
Releasing power22KN
Installed capacity16kw
Overall dimensions4000*3500*2300mm


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