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  • QTJ4-26A Block Making Machine
  • QTJ4-26A Block Making Machine
  • QTJ4-26A Block Making Machine

QTJ4-26A Block Making Machine

Model: QTJ4-26A  

Power: 10.4 KW


Application: Compact construction and reasonable, easy to operate and maintain...


The machine is one kind of semi-automatic block making machine, which is developed and refined on the basis of Model 25 Automatic Block Forming Machine. On this machine, the directional, vertical vibrating device is adopted. So, it is quick in block forming and simple in operating, and the products made by it are perfect in density and excellent in strength.


QTJ4-26A block molding machine is a semi automatic model that has developed on the basis of QTJ4-26 model, integrates the advantages of past small and medium-size block molding machine. The aircraft uses four-pillar orientation, square steel rack; the bottom moldule uses the directional vertical vibration mode. The machine equips with an air compressor, making the process of advance and retreat of upper module, material-discharging control use pneumatic, achieving the gas & electricity integrating control, therefore greatly increase the output.

>>Technical Data

Power   10.4KW
Cycle   30S
Overall Size  2050*1740*2550 mm
Carriage Size  850*470*35 mm
Electrical source380V/50 Hz
Vibration Force60 KN
Vibration FrequencyMax.4000 r/m
Product quantity400*200*200  4 pcs/mould  3800 pcs/8h
400*150*200  5 pcs/mould  4800 pcs/8h
240*115*53     21-26 pcs/mould


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