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How to improve vacuum brick machine molding brick strength?

vacuum brick machine

>> 1. Improve the molding pressure of vacuum brick machine.

Improving vacuum brick press molding pressure can increase the density of brick. And only increasing the density of adobe can burn out high strength brick. Practice has proved that the adobe  molding pressure of 2.2-2.3 MPa, the burning out brick compressive strength is 13.9-15 MPa, and the molding pressure reachs 3 MPa,  the compressive strength of brick is easy to reach 20 MPa.

>> 2. Raise the temperature of sintered brick appropriately.

The experiment proved that the same raw material and the same brick making machine equipment to produce bricks, roasting temperature is different, the strength of the sintered brick is different.The compressive strength of brick as it increases with the increase of calcination temperature tunnel kiln.

>> 3. Extend heat preservation time.

The experiment proved that the same raw material, the same vacuum brick making machine, the same warming or cooling speed of temperature, but different heat preservation time, the compressive strength of sintered brick is different. Appropriate heat preservation time is beneficial to improve the quality of clinker and compressive strength.

>> 4. Recommend using "low temperature with long burning".

Long-term practice has proved that using "high temperature with short burning" firing method, has certain bad effect to  production quality, products tend to have  black scar, crack, embossing and other phenomenons, and the compressive strength is reducing, and more serious is that increasing coal consumption, waste of energy. Therefore we recommend using "low temperature with long burning".


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